X Men Wolverine 8th August 2017

X-men wolverine is a science fiction movie that moves around the story of two mutant brothers Logan and Victor they were 2oo years ago and having childhood trauma and they depend on each other , both are fighters and killer. X-Men Wolverine is an American movie released in 2009, which is based on marvel comics fictional character and his Wolverine jacket, The movie produced by the Lauren Donner, Hugh Jackman, John Palmero under the direction of Gavin Hood, the story of movie based on the Comic Wolverine by Roy Thomas, Len Wein.

The plot of X-Men Wolverine is very interesting in which two mutant brothers are mutants are soldiers as well. Logan born as James Howlett  in Canada, and as a young he saw that his father was killed by the groundskeeper Thomas Logan, the young boy got anxious and that cause mutation in his body and that cause bone claws protrude from his hands and he killed Thomas, before dying he revealed that he is James Real Father, and then Logan run away with his mutant brother Victor Creed, who is a super villain, they both spend next century as soldiers and fighters and they fought in every war they could, and later in Logan become a traveler for the next 15 years and used to  make money with cage fighting, the movie is very interesting, tempting ,entertaining and full of science fiction and adventures,. The X-Men Wolverine is a perfect movie those who love science fiction movies as well as adventures and actions.