Watch Dogs 2 4th July 2017

Watchdog 2 video game based on new technologies in which group of hacker controls the mobile signals of different peoples to convert their attention. They also control the traffic signals and other technical devices with the help of center operating system.  In Watchdog 2 video game Dedsec team covers the area of San Francisco which is also known as the origin of technology revolution.

Marcus Holloway is the young and intelligent leader of Dedsec team who was arrested for the crime even he was innocent. He wear blue leather jacket in this game which has rib knit cuffs, collar and hemline.  Wrench is another member of Dedsec team who is known as the engineer of the group and fixer. He uses his skills to sort the problem with the help of technology. His black Dedsec vest is his identity which has the logo of Dedsec at the back and front side. Sitara is the only female hacker in Dedsec team who belong to Los Angel. She is educated person in the Dedsec group who has the vast knowledge in the field of marketing and psychology but she learned hacking by herself. She helps Marcus Holloway and Wrench to retrieve data from rivals system.

The entire team supports each other and dogging the corrupt rivals who use technologies to damage their homeland.