Ultimate Thor Costume Guide 7th July 2018

The God of Thunder doesn’t need any introduction and we all know him as bold and brave superhero Thor. Thor has a power of thunder and his power belongs to his hammer whereas his love or humanity makes him stronger. His fans also inspire with his appearance and we bring easy guideline to follow through which you can also follow that style statement.

In avengers Infinity War movie Thor appeared with new look and this appealing style give new idea about superhero costume.


Thor Eye-Patch (Product Page)

Thor used to cover his one eye with eye-patch and it suits a lot on his fans. Eye patch is constructed with a soft fabric that fits comfortably over the eye. Adjustable elastic band is easily adjusted so that one size fits all.


Thor Vest (Product Page)

Thor Vest is another part of Thor Costume which has padded designing and look nice on his personality and we bring same Thor Vest in leather material. The best part of Thor Vest is its detachable sleeves which makes it more appealing.


Thor Cape (Product Page)

Cape at the back of Thor in red color is also main part of Thor Costume and you can buy it as well in smooth & stretchy premium polyester fabric with pleated neckline & tie closure.


Arm Guard (Product Page)

Thor used to cover his arms with Arm Guard and you can also get arm guard in good material and perfect design that increases comfort and protection.


Thor Hammer (Product Page)

Thor Hammer is main part of Thor Costume or we can say that it is an identical sign of Thor through which he hold thunder and show his super powers.


Thor Boots (Product Page)

The black color boots suits on your personality which has been made by good and fine material and it is easily available at online store.