The Walking Dead 24th July 2017

Those who loved the horror movies and television series must have watched this horror TV Series around the efforts of the lead character of Rick Grimes to discover the world overrun by the Zombies. The plot of the series is very interesting and horrible as well, as in the series the Zombies also known as walkers shamble towards human beings to eat them and get them infected and ultimately that human being also turned into walkers gradually, and to destroy the walkers is not easy, as to kill the walkers permanently one need to damage their brain otherwise they won’t be die.
Viewers loved this series and specially the costumes of the Walking dead were really appealing and attractive but the Rick Grimes Jacket worn by the Andrew Lincoln to portray the lead character of Rick Grimes give him the outstanding persona and stylish look with its unique brown color leather patch detailing on front and shirt style collar as well as the black leather jacket worn by the character of Negan played by the Jeffery Dean Morgan also grab viewers attention due to its fabulous and phenomenal biker style look that make this Negan Jacket a perfect choice of bike riders as well.