The Mummy 2nd August 2017

Universal Pictures released the movie based on the story of Egyptian Mummy on June 2017 which is best choice for the adventures and action lovers and for the fans of heart throbbing actor Tom Cruise. This movie directed by the Alex Kurtzman who is also famous as the writer and producer. Alex Kurtzman is also famous as a writer of adventurous movie Transformer. The adorable and handsome actor Tom Cruise appeared as a US military person named as Sergeant Nick Morton who used to make extra money by exploring and hunting ancient treasures and helices with his best friend and partner Chris Vail and this character portrayed by the Jake Johnson. Nick Morton is the leading character of this movie who wore Nick Morton Green Jacket to play his role. Nick and his friend Vail used to hunt the ancient items and sell those items in the black market and during his hunt to ancient treasures Nick Morton unintentionally  and accidently uncover the forbidden tomb of Ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet. The role of Princess Ahmanet played by the Hollywood actress Sophia Boutella. At this stage of uncovering the Ahmanet an anthologist Jenny Halsey (also joined them. Annabelle Wallis portrays this role beautifully and her appearances in Jenny Halsey Coat also amaze the viewers. It is the story of the princes who want to become the ruler of Egypt because she was the only child of king Ahmannet but after some time King’s wife gave the birth to his son and the rights of princes were taken away from her. The princes set a deal with Egyptian God of Death and allowed evil to get into her and she got mummified for her this action but Nick and Vail explored the ancient tomb of Ahmanet unintentionally and threatens her plans.