The Hitman’s Bodyguard 15th August 2017

If you like comedy movies then get ready for this comedy movie that is full of actions and adventures. The Hitman’s Bodyguard American movie going to released on 18 Aug, 2017 which is very interesting and entreating. The handsome Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is going to play the character of world’s top bodyguard Michael Bryce and going to provide the guarding to the world’s top and notorious Hitman Darius Kincaid. Ryan Reynolds wore Michael Bryce Gray Suit in one scene of the movie in which he looks dashing and handsome.

Ryan Reynolds Suit

The bodyguard really hates the hitman and they both don’t like each other at all, yet they need to spend lot of time in a quarter. They accept the partnership in the journey even they don’t like each other. Ryan Reynolds guard the Hitman Samuel L. Jackson as the Bodyguard on the way from England to the International court of justice as the Samuel is the only key witness against the world’s worst Dictators. Ryan Reynolds also wore Michael Bryce Black Leather Coat in this movie which is featured with front button closure and lapel style collar.


All the way from England to the international court they will face the high speed car chases and deadly assassins are following them and that’s why they are forced to work with each other although they hate each other a lot yet they will accept this partnership as they both need to defeat the Eastern European dictator Vladislav Duckovich. Vladislav Duckovich is very powerful as well as blood thirsty and this character portrayed by the Gary Oldman. You will surely love the movie and will get entertain throughout the movie as it’s a perfect combo of action and comedy. It is time to get ready for a movie of your favorite Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson appearance also grabs your attention because Darius Kincaid Jacket which is gray in color and featured with front button closure.