The Edge of Seventeen 3rd August 2017

The Edge of Seventeen is American Drama Series which story based on the life of young girl Nadine Franklin. Hailee Steinfeld played this difficult character beautifully and due to her mind blowing acting she became the part of Golden Globe Award nomination. She started her career from True Grit film in which she appeared as a Mattie Ross and at that time she was only 14 years old.

In this TV Series she played the lead role of young girl who is very attached with her father or he is her best friend. She has one elder brother whose name is Darian and she felt that her mother like her brother more than her. She became alone after the death of her father but she had one loyal friend at that time and her name is Krista. She shared every secretes with her friend and they both gave good company to each other. One day Nadine came to know about the hidden relation of Krista and her brother then she cut off with her best friend and become alone again in her life. Nadine decided to commit suicide and shared her feelings with her teacher. Nadine feels that her brother has more value than her that’s why she was jealous from him.  Now there is no one else with whom she enjoyed her life than she started to take interest in her senior Nick Mossman. One day she left her home and her family became worried for her but after sometime her brother found him and explained his feelings about Krista.  Nadine excused with her brother and sent a text to her mother that she is alright.

The Story of Edge of Seventeen is full of adventures and humor through which viewers like this TV Series. Every character has its own worth but the appearance of Nadine is not easy to forget. Hailee Steinfeld wore Nadine Jacket in this TV Series which is very popular among teenagers and now you can buy it from