The Dark Tower 5th September 2017

The Dark Tower is a classy movie for those who likes perfect combination of action, adventurous and fantasy story and it was released on August 2017. The Dark Tower is science  Fantasy western film which was directed by the Nikolaj Arcel and he was also the co-writer of this movie. The movie is basically based on the novel of Stephen King with the same title “The Dark Tower” and it was released by Columbia Pictures in New York City.

Matthew McConaughey Idris Elba

The plot of the movie moves around the life of last Gunslinger Roland Deschain and this character has been portrayed by the Idris Elba. Idris Elba Coat is his main costume in this movie which is featured with shirt style collar and front open closure.


In this movie a young boy Jake Chambers experienced the fight between Man in Black named as Walter Padick and Gunslinger Roland Deschain. Jake Chambers unexpectedly met with that gunslinger and then they faced upcoming journey with each others. The Man in Black is the villain of this movie who wanted to destroy the tower. Matthew McConaughey played this role in the movie and his Matthew McConaughey Coat is designed in black color which suits with his character.


The Man in Black strapped Jack into the machine but at the end of the story Roland Deschain destroyed that machine and secure the world, other children and Jake. Roland Deschain worn unique Idris Elba Vest inside the coat which provide him different look.


This movie collect the positive remarks from the viewers and did good business from all over the world so make the plan with your friends and enjoy this adventurous movie in the nearest cinema.