The Batman 10th August 2017

Superheroes are very famous among the peoples of all ages due to their actions and powers. They are frictional characters and appeared as a human being who born for unique purpose and this purpose is to save humanity with different tricks. Batman is one of those superheroes which belong to the DC Comics and this character was first introduced by the Bob Kane. The Character of Batman appeared in different TV Series, Movies, Cartoons and Video Games with different variation in his costume. The Character of Batman currently appeared in Injustice 2 Video Game. There are several superheroes in this Video Game but Batman is the leading character in it and Batman Injustice 2 Jacket become famous among masses.


Arkham Knight is another Video Game which also based on the Batman Superhero but the appearance of Batman in this Video Game is totally different and attractive because Batman Arkam Knight Vest Jacket look amazing in the combination of Red and white color.

If we talk about the appearance of Batman in TV Series then story of Nightwing Mini TV Series also revolve around the life of Batman. In Nightwing TV Series Danny Shepherd appeared as Batman who worn Batman Nightwing Jacket as a costume to boost the beauty in this role.


Batman Begins is the block buster movie of 2005 and it was also nominated for the Oscar Award which was directed by Christopher Nolan. Christian Bale played the role of Batman in this movie and he worn  Batman Begins Jacket for this role.

Christian Bale Jacket

If we talk about the appearance of two superheroes in one film than Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice become very famous among masses which was released in 2016. Batman Vs Superman Jacket got famous after this film due to its front logo.

Superman V Batman leather Jacket

Batgirl is another superhero in DC Comics which introduce due to high demand of female fans of Batman. Batgirl is same famous as Batman and Batgirl Jacket has same logo of Bat at front to belong it with the superhero.

Batman and Batgirl both are old characters in DC Comics but they still get the attention of viewers and these character leave great image in the mind of the audience.