Superman 29th July 2017

Superman is one of the superhero based on DC Comic Series and there are numerous movie, cartoon and TV Series based on the story to Superman. The story of Smallville TV Series also evolves around the story of superman in which Tom Welling played this famous role. Smallville TV Series produced under the guideline of Miles Millar and Alfred Gough who work hard for the success of the TV Series.  This character was first discovered by the Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel who wear a unique costume which contain S logo at chest.

The story based on a life of young boy Clark Kent who discovered his super power and come to know that he is an alien. He helps the needy people with the help of his super power but some where he want to live a normal life like other peoples. This role of Tom Welling set his place in the Hollywood industry and he become more popular after this TV Series.

Tom Welling follow the same appearance of superman by placing S logo on front but the color combination is different. Smallville Superman Jacket also become famous among the superhero lovers and due to its high demand in Hollywood industry some fashion designer also design this Superman Jacket in the combination of maroon and black color and it is also available as Superman Smallville Distressed Leather Jacket in market.

In one scene of the TV series Tom Welling also wear Clark Kent Black Coat to get the attention of the viewers as a human being instead of superhero. The success of this TV Series also based on the efforts of Allison Mack, Michael Rosenbaum, Kristin Kreuk, John Glover and many more. Actors, producers, directors, writers and other members work together for the success of TV Series and now it become one of the famous TV Series.