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Refund Policy

Hub Of Leather always prefers to ready the order according to the specifications provided by the customers. If our product will not fulfill the expectations of our customers than they can return their products with the help of some return policy of our store which are as follows:

  1. Customers can send back their product within 29 business days in good condition so we can exchange their product and send them another one according to their measurements and requirement.
  2. You can’t exchange your product specifications after 24 hours because after 24 hours your order will be in processing stage.
  3. If you want to return your product so we can also refund your complete amount within 4 weeks. The company takes this duration due to transits time (you received an incorrect or defective item).
  4. You can also cancel your order under some terms and conditions which are as follows:
    • If you cancel your order after 3 days, company deduct 25% from your jacket‘s amount
    • If you take 7 days to cancel your order than company have a right to deduct 45% from your full payment.
    • You will not able to cancel your order after 7 days because sometimes we dispatch your product after 7 days.