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Secure Payment method

We use secure and private method of payment. If you want to place an order than click on checkout button. Create your account or log in through your existing account if you are already an account holder for free tracking system and avoid annoying delivery.

We list down the complete information of our customer to ship the parcel and verify the identity of our customers confidently. Once we receive payment through customers than we will dispatch the parcel through well-known and reliable courier services. It is necessary to identify your payment method and personal billing address to avoid any problematic situations.

We secure the personal information of our customers and response them within 24 hours. We dispatch the parcel within 5 to 8 business days to satisfy our customer by fast shipping facility. We need complete coordination of our customers in this entire process and they will also receive email to conform their parcel. When our customers receive their order than we will not preserve their personal information and whole transaction process anymore

There are numerous payment methods to secure the amount of our online customers and these are:

If you have any query than feel free to contact us at