The Dark Knight Rises 9th August 2017

The story of Dark Knight Rises belongs to the DC Comics in which Batman is a superhero who likes to help the humanity. The Dark Knight movie directed by the Christopher Nolan and he is Hollywood film director and producer. Batman come back to face the villains and rivals of the humanity Bane. Bane used to wear the mass to get the oxygen continuously through which he feels rest from the pain which he got due to accident. Tom Hardy played the role of Bane and he also nominated for the award 3 times as a best villain due to this role. In this movie his costume grab the attention of the audience because his different attires designed by unique features. Bane Coat contains 6 buttoned loop closures while it is lined with shearling material and its fur style collar also looks adorable. Tom Holland also wore Bane Jacket in one scene of the movie which adjusts properly on the body of the wearer due to the belt at waist whereas its front button closure makes it classier. The look of Tom Holland in Bane Vest is also very famous among masses which have striking color combination while its belted shoulder gives it modish look. Joker is another villain in this movie and this role is very difficult to portray but Heat Ledger played this role with his full effort and become famous among the fan of The Dark Knight Rises movie. Unfortunately he died at the age of 28 and his death effect this movie because it is his last work and the director of this movie paid memorial tribute to Heath Ledger for his work. The Dark Knight Rises Joker Coat is his costume in this movie which is very famous as his last costume and it is featured with red viscose lining to make it attractive attire.