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The Walking Dead

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An American Zombie Apocalypse horror TV series The walking dead based on comic book series written by Robert Kirkman moving around the Police officer Rick Grimes and other survivors really entertained the people. Audience always wishes to copy their favorite celebrities from movies, TV series and games. Hub of leather believe in providing super class service our reputable customers that is why we also try our level best to make the costumes that are in high demand, that is why we designed all the costumes worn by different characters in the TV series The walking dead for the fans of the series including the vests and jackets. The Walking dead Daryl Dixon jacket, The walking dead Cliff Curtis jacket, Walking dead Negan jacket, Governor Jacket and many other jackets all are made by using fine quality real and synthetic leather, cotton fabric and Satin Fabric to satisfy the customers. We are also making available the vests and coat on low prices including the Daryl Dixon leather vest, The walking dead Michonne leather vest as well as real and synthetic Walking dead long coat and Dead Man the Under taker long coat. So you don’t need to go anywhere to make the walking dead costumes available in your wardrobe just place your order on hub of leather and get it.

the walking dead rick grimes women jacket

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Women Jacket

$169.00 $129.00

(You save 23.7%)
the walking dead ashley tisdale premier vest

The Walking Dead Ashley Tisdale Premier Vest

$159.00 $129.00

(You save 18.9%)

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Jacket

$179.00 $139.00

(You save 22.3%)

The Walking Dead Rosita Espinosa Jacket

$189.00 $149.00

(You save 21.2%)

The Walking Dead Michonne Vest

$169.00 $149.00

(You save 11.8%)

The Walking Dead Andrea Harrison Vest

$159.00 $129.00

(You save 18.9%)

The Walking Dead Governor vest

$229.00 $179.00

(You save 21.8%)
Negan The Walking Dead Leather Jacket

The Walking Dead Negan Leather Jacket

$179.00 $139.00

(You save 22.3%)
Darly Dixon Vest Leather Jacket

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Leather Angel Vest

$159.00 $119.00

(You save 25.2%)