Brie Larson in Captain Marvel Costume 18th April 2018

Brie Larson put up Captain Marvel suit after a long time and no one expected that her costumes turns into green color. Everyone got surprised to see new Captain Marvel Costume since few pictures of Captain Marvel movie leaked. We have collection of Brie Larson photos in her new Captain Marvel Jacket in which you can easily saw the combination of green and black color while the star logo at front of the jacket is same as previous Captain Marvel Jacket.

It is still unclear that what is going to happen in Captain Marvel 2019 movie but we can predict that movie is full of actions, thrills and suspense in which Captain Marvel going to show her power to defeat wicked peoples. Brie Larson will definitely play this role brilliantly and not only her acting but also acting of Jade law is going to impress masses.

Jade Law looks very hot in Captain Marvel Walter Lawson Coat which also has hoodie and become his familiar outfit before movie hit the cinema industry. We are eagerly looking for further detail about movie until then visit and follow the latest style of celebrity without wasting your time and money.