Blade Runner 2049 Costume Collection 26th October 2017

Ryan Gosling started his career as a child artist but he continuously improves his acting skills and always brings more charm in his new character. Recently his block buster movie Blade Runner wins heart of multiple people. Michael Green and Hampton Fancher helped each other to write the story of Blade Runner 2049 movie while the effort of talented director Denis Villeneuve is just mind-blowing.


The story of Blade Runner movie revolves around the life of Officer K who is bio-engineered person. Officer K is saving humanity in this movie and takes many risks in his life. The role of Office K is very difficult but Ryan Gosling did justice with this role. Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049 Coat is his costume in this movie become famous in Hollywood Industry.

Ryan Gosling Coat From Blade Runner 2049

In this movie the character of Gaff also become the reason to attract the viewers and Edward James Olmos appeared as Gaff in this movie. Blade Runner Gaff Coat is his outfit in this movie which is black in color and looks tremendous.

Blade Runner 2049 Gaff Coat
Blade Runner movie is the sequel of Blade Runner 1982 movie which was released in 1982. In Blade Runner 1982 Harrison Ford is the bio-engineered person and portrayed the leading role. He wore Harrison Ford Blade Runner Coat to portray his role which is still one of the famous outfits.

The intelligent leader of renegade Nexus 6 in Blade Runner 1982 movie named as Roy Batty also collects many appreciation by the viewers. This role portrayed by well-known and talented actor Rutger Hauer and his Rutger Hauer Blade Runner Coat is also famous as his acting.

Blade Runner movie achieve many rewards due to the mind blowing effort of group of talented peoples whereas dress designers tried their best to provide appropriate look to the cast through which they enhance charm in their character.