X Men Apocalypse Overview 27th June 2016

X-men Apocalypse is a movie based on Marvel Comics which has Mutants who have supernatural abilities which makes them even more powerful , X-men Apocalypse has attracted high ratings from fans it is Directed by Bryan Singer , the story of X-men Apocalypse revolves around Evil versus Good mutants fighting each other .

En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse is the Supermutant it is also the most powerful and the first mutant in the world he recruits some mutants and the other mutants are against him the fight between these two factions are shown in this movie , Professor Xavier is a very powerful telepath and he is played by James McAvoy , Magneto is a mutant who has magnetic abilities and he is played by Michael Fassbender , Mystique has shape-shifting qualities and she is played by Jennifer Lawrence , Beast has Superhuman physical abilities , Quiksilver is the son of magneto and has supersonic speed , Cyclops / Scott Summers who shoots optic beams from his eyes and its role is done by Tye Sherridan , Jean Grey has Telepathic and Telekinetic powers and her role is performed by Sophie Turner, Storm has the ability to control weather and her role is executed by Alexandra Shipp , Havok has the ability to absorb energy from other mutants and release it as a destructive force.