Suicide Squad Overview 16th June 2016

Many movies based on DC Comics which has been released previously, just like these movies there is another movie based on DC Comics which about to be released and its name is SUICIDE SQUAD this movie is creating a lot of hype in the market as the viewers are about to witness Team of Supervillains who are on a mission to save the world it’s going to be the battle around super villains its sounds doom and the result will be chaos but it’s the way it is. Hollywood critic’s award predicts this movie to be one of the biggest movies of 2016.

Suicide Squad has very rich story and some marvelous characters which includes Deadshot who is an expert assassin , the psychopathic Joker who is infamous for having never Ending rivalry with batman and Harley Quinn who is an Arkham asylum psychiatrist turned into jokers lover and partner in crime , Rick Flag is an Ex-Soldier who has lot of fighting abilities , Boomerang is a killer who uses its equipment to kill its target , El Diablo is a former gangster who has the ability to throw fire from its mouth , Killer Croc has crocodile like features and superhuman strength , Katana is an Martial Arts expert who has magically enhanced sword . The trailers and marketing of this movie has made quite big buzz and the DC comics fans hope that the movie will make it too.