Captain America Civil War 23rd June 2016

Action movie fans appetite will not be fulfilled without watching Captain America Civil War, it is a Marvel Comics based movie which features not only Captain America but other super heroes of the Marvel Comics but this time the fight is going to be between Superheroes versus superheroes and the chaos will be much bigger than expected because two factions which are of Captain America and Iron Man are against each other.

Captain Bucky-Barnes


Captain America is a heavy weight and the leader of superheroes he has a history of being a soldier who is biologically enhanced which makes him physically and mentally very powerful his team also has Hawkeye who is mastered in the art of archery , Sharon Carter is a trained spy and martial artist who also has an ability to fly , Buck Barnes is an expert level Hitman who has this powerful shield , Ant-Man has shape shifting power that alters his size , Scarlet Witch has magical powers and all these superheroes become a powerful combination.


Tony Stark is an expert level engineer who has designed a powerful suit which gives him powerful abilities which includes Flying and Unhuman Strength and he is known by his alter-ego Iron man, The Iron Man’s Faction Includes War Machine who also has mechanically architecture suit which gives him power, Black Widow whose real name is Natasha Romanova/Roman off is the Russian descent spy and assassin, Black Panther is a expert level fighter who has high caliber physique.