Arrow Overview 1st July 2016

Many TV Series are released but only few have the capability to attract handsome amount of viewers one of them is Arrow , Arrow revolves around who is trapped in an island and a man named Slade Wilson teaches him to fight when he returns to the city he makes an outfit and goes on mission to fight crime in the city , this Series is full of ups and downs and the life of Green Arrow as a superhero is shown , the character of Green Arrow is taken from DC Comics and it has attracted mixed reviews from viewers. The role of Oliver Queen/Arrow is played by a very talented actor named Stephen Amell , Black Canary is a superheroine who has expert level martial arts abilities , John Diggle is the partner and bodyguard of Arrow and his role is done by David Ramsey , Slade Wilson is the supervillain and a martial artist and his role is played by Manu Bennet the Developers of this Series has wisely chosen these actors to play part in this movie.